Tuesday, December 18, 2012


To whom it may concern,

Renounce your Indonesian Citizenship
(This piece of information is recommended exclusively for those who wish to obtain Singapore Citizenship)

I did some researched on this Citizenship Matters, one that need a notary public to act as a witness for your Statutory Declaration. This involved many steps before obtaining your Renounce Certificate.
Others like, Malaysian or People's Republic of China are not require to do such steps they skip the Statutory Declaration. Some government in certain country valued the Citizenship, at such citizen who wish to renounce needed to go the extra steps.

At this point, you've already gotten your approved letter from the ICA and require you to get your renounce letter.

Step 1: You need  to make Statutory Declaration from the Notary Public. Many places in Singapore you could do statutory declaration and at cheap cost as well, because is an official document and hoping to have a smooth procedure I would recommend you this one:

Tan, Lee & Choo Advocates & Solicitors
1 Park Road
#04-04 People’s Park Complex (next to Chinatown MRT)
Singapore 059108
Tel: 6535 6077

This cost you $150. Reason being, they have done a lot on this matters. better experience and document they includes inside is much accurate to support the revocation of your citizenship.
Some are as cheap as $45, However, this an official matters and we wish that the journey is smooth.

What to bring:

-Approval letter from ICA ( If you change the appointment date, do print it out and bring there too.)
- Original Current Passport
- Original KTP ( Indonesian IC)
- Original Birth Cert ( Akte kelahiran)
- Citizenship certificate (SKBRI) If you have it.
- Original / Photocopy Kartu Keluarga
- Original your Blue IC.
- Re-entry Permit 
- PR Certificate

Person to Contact: Donna/Wendy
Call for appointment and you could even send the documents required to her email.
Cost: $150
Payment by CASH

Step 2: Your Statutory Declaration required to be certified by Singapore Academy of Law, located at Supreme Court Level 4 (that UFO-like building in City hall). You can ask Donna/Wendy to certify it for you is the same cost as you do it yourself.
Cost: $26.75
Payment by Cash to Donna/Wendy(My choice)
--------------------Working Days to Process: 2 to 5 Days----------------------------------------------

Collection Day of Statutory Declaration, upon this day you can go down to Indonesian Embassy for your renouncing of citizenship. Save Time,

Step 3: After few days, you are ready to collect your Statutory Declaration which certified by the Singapore Academy of Law. You need to endorse the document by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located at Tanglin area, near Australian embassy, Botanical Garden etc.
Direction: Taxi down to the area cost less than $8. And ask your TAXI to wait. It took less than 5 minutes for me. The place is very difficult to get CAB.
Endoresement Cost: $10
What to Check: A certified chop with date at the first page.

After Endorsement you got back your document and proceed to Indonesian Embassy for Renounce of Indonesian Citizenship, Go to Level 2.
What to Bring:

- Statutory Declaration letter
- Original Current Passport
- Original KTP ( Indonesian IC)
- Original Birth Cert ( Akte kelahiran)
- Citizenship certificate (SKBRI) If you have it.
- Original / Photocopy Kartu Keluarga
- Original your Blue IC.
- Re-entry Permit 
- PR Certificate (Yellow)
- copy of your ICA approval letter
- copy of your Singapore Blue IC
- copy of your marriage cert, if you're married
- copy of your spouse IC, if you're married
- copy of your spouse passport, if you're married
- KBRI form for Renounce, you can obtain it at the desk as well.

Required to do:
You need to write in Declaration in BAHASA INDONESIA to explain certain document that is mandatory and you don't have it with you. Some of us have lived in Singapore and work here for so long. We didn't have such documents. You need prepare to answer it and declare as it requires.
Next, you need two duty stamps cost $2 each to place it at the form and your bahasa declaration letter.
Total Cost you: $34 Inclusive of Processing your Renunciation Letter
Payment by CASH

--------------------------------Working days to Process: 5---------------------------------------------

 Advise: Before submission to any Agent/Government board do copy all your documents you've submitted.

Collection of Renunciation Letter
What to check:
- two certificates with Chop and signed by Authority.
- Your Birthcert has a sticker of your leaving Indonesian Citizenship
You've appointment for your Citizenship Registration at ICA with appointment date and time.
Suggest that you arrive 1 hour earlier because it took me two hours.

Grand Total Cost: Approx $230

All the best!

http://wikisend.com/download/330110/Renunciation of Indonesian Citizenship.pdf

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



I never came across this word in my mind.
How do you deal them?
Leave it and forget about it?
Adjust the level of your expectations?
Give up on those you think might not change your life?
Don't persist the matter anymore as it might not give you any results?
Move on onto something valuable or more important?

At life, we faced such problem like disappointment? Sometime you help the person by expecting them to return your favor. Can be u like someone, you hope that you want them to accept you?
sometime your friend didn't meet the needs of yours?
sometime they done something wrong that led you to disappoint.
I began to wonder, such disappointment do not pro-long. It's a temporary uncomfortable feeling cause you displeasure about yourself. You try to find your way, to convince yourself.

I would like to go through a self-reflected questions to drop off this Disappointment from yourself.

Ask Yourself,
1. Can you gain anything?
2. worth thinking about it?
3. Why u persist this feeling in you?
4. Do this matter able to comfort you or compromise your feeling?
5. What are the possible consequences of having such feelings?

In conclusion, I am a human being - no matter where you're and go. This is life. Take it or Leave it. We know sometime it's hard to do that way. however, if you don't choose to move on. No one can help you and is you yourself. Don't move on, your uncomfortable feeling of disappointment will always be there and may cause you to think even deeper, explore more reasons. As you can't reason yourself out. To settle this differences, Leave it and Move on. as such, in future you could do better.

Adios guys,
Hope my tips help or somehow.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guidelines to your University Course(Diploma)

Here a little updates on University Courses. The guidelines written is not fully obliged by anyone. It serves as a purpose where by only to inform individuals.

Based in Singapore. Singapore is very much a meritocracy country. You work hard you got something better. Simply, you need to be KiaSu(afraid to lose out). I don't come from a A Level's student perspective but I do come from a Polytechnic perspective. Most probably, you heard of a GPA(Grade Point Average), very much is like computation of several results.
In order to qualify for the Local University Placement you need to have at least a GPA of 3.50. This equivalent of 75% of your 100% is at least A/B Grading. However, that doesn't speak much because you might need to score more than that to get into a Local Uni course. If the course is highly demanded of the year, you gonna have a problem to get a seat because you gotta fight with A Level Students and other polytechnic students plus international students. Basically, the Local Uni is very much stringent of their selections.

I'm gonna explain for student who doesn't qualify for the local Uni and move on to Private Uni. Why? For those qualified for the Local Uni, God Bless You! For those who doesn't make it. Always seek for another alternative, you could still do your Degree after you worked for more than two years or you got sponsorship from your Company or any organization that does their part to help you.

Local Uni still does accept the different working adults that wanna to improve themselves. That doesn't include the meaning you're doom. Because at least few years you still qualify for the place. Ok. Eh, next will be Private U. There's a lot of them in Singapore. SIM(Singapore Institute of Management) is kinda popular in Singapore. Now, SIM has a lot of courses, big range as well. Not a particular one but the General Degree. Could be Business, IT, and ARTS?

Friday, December 09, 2011

Rachel Crow Voted off at 6th X-factor Result Show

The X Factor (US) Season 1, Episode 22 Live Result Show
Rachel Crow Voted off
She sobbed badly as the fact of moment is still going on.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

X-factor USA Micheal Jackson's Week

The X Factor (US) - Season 1, Episode 19: LIVE Performance Show #5 - Top 8 Perform
X-factor USA Micheal Jackson's Week